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Los Angeles is a vibrant and exciting city with a thriving music scene that can be a great place to start or further your music career. However, it can also be a very competitive and expensive city. You should carefully consider all the factors involved before deciding to move!

Despite the potential challenges, I still believe that moving to Los Angeles to pursue a music career is a good idea. Let me tell you why.

<aside> ❓ Who Am I? I’ve intentionally kept this website anonymous. But I’m a guitar player and producer in LA! I’m grateful to have had a few major label releases and have music synced in projects for big brands.

I found it hard to find these types of resources on my own when I moved to LA, so I made this website. I hope it helps.


💰 Cost of Living

One of the main things to consider when deciding whether to move to Los Angeles is the cost of living.

Los Angeles is known for being an expensive city. The high cost of housing, food, and other necessities can make it challenging to support yourself financially while pursuing your music career.

<aside> 📌 Have a plan for paying your bills in case music doesn't cover all your expenses.


Roommates can also help keep the cost of rent down—consider living with someone who also makes music!

How much does it cost to live in LA as a musician?

These are some average monthly costs living in LA. As you can see, living in LA can cost a lot!

Expense Cost/month
2-bedroom apartment (where you can also record without bothering neighbors) $2,750
Utilities (Electric, water, and natural gas) $150
Groceries $400
Rehearsal/Recording Studios $200
Gas/Parking/Driving $100
Car Insurance $200
Shows/Going Out $300

Many jobs pay considerably more than in other parts of the country. Working at a coffee shop usually starts at $20/hr in LA at the time of writing. So it’s possible to supplement your music income with other part-time work.

Neighborhoods like Silverlake have many music venues and rehearsal spaces, making it ideal for musicians.

Neighborhoods like Silverlake have many music venues and rehearsal spaces, making it ideal for musicians.

📍 Best LA Neighborhoods for Musicians

So, you're thinking of moving to LA? One thing to consider is the location and community you'll end up in.

LA is a vast and diverse city with many different neighborhoods and communities, each with its unique vibe and culture.

West Hollywood might be your spot if you're into great food and local concerts. But if you're a family person and want to be closer to rehearsal studios, the Valley might be your jam.

Take some time to research different areas and think about what kind of environment you'd be most comfortable living in.

Some neighborhoods, like Silver Lake, are better suited for musicians, with a bustling music scene and affordable housing options.